Tips for a Tan free & Flawless skin

By : Amit Bhasin |

  • Apply sunscreen on all exposed body parts while moving out during the day it is recommended to use oil free sunscreen with SPF-30 or more.
  • Use ice cold compresses to remove excess oil and tan, it also cools your skin and keeps it hydrated.
  • Even after taking precautions if you feel itchiness and burning in your skin, take a bowl of skimmed milk along with ice and apply it using cotton.
  • Use mild cleanser for cleansing your face, asit contains a fatty material that keeps your skin hydrated.
  • Decrease the intake of excessive sweet stuffs as sugar damages collagens that keeps skin smooth and firm.
  • Drink 3-5 cups of green and black tea , both types of teas contains some protective compounds , that helps to make our skin more glowing and prevent wrinkles.
  • It is recommended to include antioxidants in your routine, you can take it internally or apply it, antioxidants are beneficial for your skin as it reduces the effects of free radicals which can cause sun damage .
  • Try not to squeeze acne or pimples by your own, as it stretch the skin which increase inflammation and leaves the scars on the skin.
  • Apply coconut oil all over your face and body half an hour before you go for shower , coconut oil has no chemical ingredients that is why when you take shower only the top layer gets washed off and required amount penetrates your skin which keeps you hydrated , and it also acts as an anti ageing tool .
  • Exfoliate your face and neck twice a week , In summers it is recommended not to use more of chemical based products , however you can make your own scrub by mixing dry oatmeal with yogurt and lime juice , yogurt and oatmeal removes dirt surfaces and lemon maintains acid balance . In order to add some extra minerals you can add some fruits like papaya, water melon or banana.