About Prive

About Us

PRIVE Skin and Wellness Clinic is an initiative by Dr.Amit Bhasin, Founder & Managing Director, Dermatologist and Cosmetologist in collaboration with Dr Aarti Bhasin CEO and Consultant Dentist. PRIVE is a medical clinic with a team based approach to serve patients with all skin problems, dental problems, joint & muscular pain, etc. The advent of PRIVE began with the vision of delivering highest quality of medical care to the patients. The clinic operates to build privileged relationships, providing the customers with an experience beyond expectations.

PRIVE Skin and Wellness Clinic brings a wide spectrum of medical services rendered by the most skilled and professional team of nationally and internationally acclaimed doctors. Providing with the latest medical technologies from around the globe, in the most relaxing and hygienic atmosphere, PRIVE offers a range of skin care and dental treatments from renowned specialists.

Situated in Gurgaon, PRIVE is the first clinic ever equipped with modern technologies which aims to meet all your dermatological& dental needs. Abiding with the safety standards, PRIVE believes in a patient-centred approach and strives to provide high-standard services to its customers.

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