Dietician / Nutritionist


Dr. Mehak Bansal

Dietician & Nutritionist

Dr. Mehak Bansal, Asia's Leading Certified Dietician & Nutritionist, boasts an impressive educational background, including a Masters in Dietetics & Nutrition from the Global Institute of Health Sciences (2011). Her expertise extends to a Professional weight loss expert certification and a Diploma in fitness nutrition from London, UK. With over 11 years of dedicated practice. Having successfully served more than 25,000 clients worldwide.Dr. Mehak is known for her excellence in providing mentorship, offering customized nutrition, exercise, and fitness solutions. Mehak's expertise is not only acknowledged in professional circles but has also found space in leading publications such as Times of India, Momspresso, The Indus Parent, Women Fitness India, Explore NCR, Punjab Metro, and more. Her commitment to health and nutrition has positioned her as a Health Ambassador at the National Women’s Health Summit in 2020.

Her accolades include numerous awards such as the Healthcare Brand Icon Award 2023 for Best Dietician and Fitness Expert, the National Healthcare Brand Icon Award 2023 for Best Mental Health Expert, and the International Women’s Day award 2023 for Best Nutritionist & Life Coach. Mehak has been recognized with the Global Women Inspiration Award, the IWM DOCTOR Award, and the National Leadership Award for Best Nutritionist- Diabetes & Cholesterol. As a sought-after speaker, she has addressed audiences at events organized by UNIMOM group and ART OF LIVING, and represented India as a Delegate in WHO (World Health Organisation) Committee at IMUN (International Model United Nations).


Sr. Nutritionist at Apollo Clinic , Gurgaon

Sr. Nutrionist at Medstates Clinic ,Gurgaon


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